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Artists’ Residency Application Information


Any actively working visual artist, writer or composer may apply; however you must have at least two years of professional experience since graduation. Residencies are available between May and September at either the House or the Church.

As the purpose of a residency is to provide time for undisturbed work, no children, pets or overnight visitors are allowed.


Each summer’s applications are due on March 10 of that year.
Deadline extended to March 20.

On line application.

To start the applications process, please click on the application button ( )
There is a different form for visual artists, for writers and for composers & musicians. Be sure to select the right form. Be sure to use a password on the application form that you are comfortable sharing with your references submit

If you have any questions, contact us preferably via email:
Otherwise call (415) 310-6415 or write to the following address:

c/o David Ostwald
160 Erica Way
Portola Valley, CA 94028

Our artist residency is listed with


Dear David,

Thank you for the opportunity to have blissful weeks at Soaring Gardens. We returned to a hellish city heat wave and mountains of mail, but rich with memories of clear starry nights, green pastures, the scent of white lilies at dusk, butterflies and the rare expanse of time unburdened with any need but to be responsive to the glorious day and its gifts.

My work opened to the nature around me. I did a very surreal photo project with dolls in the pond and amongst the flowers and nearly completed 3 paintings of dolls interacting with the local fauna, as well as voraciously reading and looking through many of the hundreds of exceptional art books Ora had. I especially devoured the mythology, folk art, fairy tales and Surrealists sections. I felt a strong connection to Ora's artistic subject matter. We were delighted to see some post cards of her work - the plaster pieces on the porch and the tapestry in the front downstairs bedroom are wonderful. She created a whole mythological world with toys and folk pieces.

Julian too was absorbed in the wonderful library. He was very happy to have access to so many fine Asian art books as his own work generates from a Zen like approach to the process of painting. He made a large series of beautiful Sumi ink paintings and nearly finished 4 atmospheric oil paintings that are meditations on the seemingly infinite variety of greens in the mountainous landscape. We deeply relaxed and regenerated. We toasted you and Ora on our last night.

She must have been an incredible spirit. She has left a beautiful legacy. The place is magical. Thank you for making it all happen and for being!

Hope your summer so far has been sweet.

Best Regards,

Rene Lynch & Julian Jackson